When you call help from a local caterer, you have to be sure about below items in order to be comfortable in your mind. His will be your function and you want that all of your guest should have spent wonderful time while they are here with you. Catering company that you have selected will be your reflection of how care to your friends.

If the catering is good and you see that some of your friends are asking the caterers contact number you are well done already. This could give you satisfaction that all of your guests are happy and the function that you set up to night was a success.

Some important items that you need to consider to check with the caterer in order to have peace of mind;

  • Due to your guest’s variety, you might serve special dishes to them. If you want the caterer to do dishes which doesn’t have universal appeal, make the caterer know that you are aware of this issue. Tell the caterer this is group requesting ethnic food or theme menu.
  • Ask the caterer to prepare clear and nice menu card for you.
  • Check the menu card carefully; don’t allow any repeated foods in the menu. For example, if there is carrot and broccoli served as a dish, take out the carrot cake out if offered.
  • Caterers are clever enough tend to sell more beverage than you needed. Tell them how much beverage that you want and insist on your request. Otherwise you end up paying more that you expected. Stay in your budget and tell the caterer to inform you whenever dedicated beverages finished. So you can decide to serve more to your guests.
  • Know your guest well and if anyone has food restriction or any other issue with food such as diabetic, allergy or glucose tolerance, just ask some other foods for them. Don’t forget some of your guest would be simply vegetarian or can’t consume pork or beef due to their religious belief.
  • Caterers tent to use meat with bones in order to cut down their cost. Be sure that they are going to use boneless meat for your menu.
  • Similar thing for the chicken. Tell the caterer don’t use the chicken skin. Be sure that chicken skin will be taken off.
  • Be sure that canapés prepared for your function should be nice and tidy. There shouldn’t be any inconvenience such as bones, shells i.e.
  • Ask thick and creamy soup if you order any.
  • Avoid too many starch or fried item in the menu. If there is take them out. One should be enough for per entrée.
  • Be sure that menu listing should be according to the serving order of the foods.
  • Be sure that the price is inclusive of the tax or any other gratuities or not in order not to be surprised later on when you received the bill.
  • Be sure that there are no extra charges that you are not aware of.