Common Service Faults during catering services

In banquet services many problems can occur during the function. Following list is the list of informal rules per say that should be enforced by the caterer and checked by the owner of the function in order to remind the caterer.

If following rules apply smoothly which could eliminate the common faults and improper habits of the service personnel’s thereby improving service and avoiding accidents and crises during the function?

  1. Check the waiters come to the work without the proper uniform. Be sure that they always practice good hygiene at all times.
  2. Check if they bring proper service tools. Be sure that they always carry a pad, pencil, or pen corkscrew or bottle opener and matches to serve guests.
  3. Advice them that never be rude, impolite or discourteous to a customer. Tell them to be friendly, helpful and cheerful and give the service that you would expect to receive if they are the guests.
  4. Be sure that non of the waiters eat food during the service time. Tell them to go to the designated area for that.
  5. Tell them not to serve any food items that they would never eat themselves.
  6. Be sure that never hot food served cold or cold food served hot plates.
  7. Be sure that all waiters aware what they are serving. Tell them never serve any item that they cannot explain to the customers. Train them about how the foods are prepared, what are the ingredients, accompaniments, garnishes, pronunciation of all food in the menu.
  8. Be sure that every waiter should keep their station clean and tidy and never leave without doing that. Always tell them not leave dirty or disorganized of your station.
  9. Tell them not stand and talk each other while guest need their attention.
  10. Tell the each individual waiter not to take anyone’s gadget without permission. This could cause tension and resentment between each other.
  11. Educate the waiters that napkin can only be carried on the wrist not on the shoulders or in the pockets.
  12. Most importantly, tell each every waiter not to put service fork and spoon in their pockets, should carry in hand.
  13. Make sure that all service cutlers is clean and there is no soil or spot on them. Be sure that all glasses and service cutleries should be wiped.
  14. Tell the waiters not to carry service cutlery by hand. All should be carried with plate on napkin and be placed on the table one by one by hand.
  15. Tell the waiters not to hold the glasses from inside, carry them in service tray.
  16. Educate the waiters not to put their fingers inside the outer rim of any food plate being served.
  17. Train them not to stack all coffee cups or soup cups on top of each other.
  18. Tell them don’t over stack the trays advice them carry as they can handle at a time.
  19. Advice the waiters to balance the food tray while they are carrying the foods. Heavy foods should be in the centre. Also tell them don’t rest the tray in their shoulders.
  20. Educate the waiters that trays should be dry and free from slipper oils. Tell them to dry before serving in order to avoid accidents.
  21. Tell all the waiters use the tray stand and don’t put the trays on the guests table.
  22. Be sure that all waiters are aware that all glasses have to be refilled while resting on the table. Don’t allow them to take glass out or the table to refill.
  23. In order to make all your guests happy, be sure that all waiters should ask permission to take the half full glasses from the table.

If above all could be applied in your function, there is no other reason that your guest not be happy.