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On premise catering is done on the premise of the caterer. Clients often select a catering establishment of its physical attractiveness. Basically, the selection is made to impress the invited guests. For this reason, caterers should be aware of the importance of the appearance of the entire facility and must constantly consider investing to improve both the property and building in order to increase sales.

Since every catering operation is basically a showplace where customers come to be entertained and live out their fantasies, to achieve maximum effect it is advisable to hire experienced architects, designers, etc.

The very early stages of both exterior and  interior design and development are the most practical times to seek such guidance. Often, caterers make the error of doing their own planning, designing and constructing only to find that better results could have been achieved by hiring skilled professionals. Often, the saving a professional can realize in materials and labour will more than offset fees or service charges. More importantly, more professional and effective results will be achieved.


Due to ever-rising construction costs, rather than construct new buildings many caterer now convert existing vacant facilities such as theatres, car dealerships, and supermarkets, which have many built in, high-costing features like parking facilities, air-conditioning, sprinkler systems, kitchens, refrigeration facilities, etc.

The exterior of such structures, which may be unattractive, can be made more appealing by just about any relatively inexpensive resurfacing material such as aluminium siding or other weather-resistant material, and with the addition of effective lighting any building can be transformed into an attractive structure.

The client will begin to formulate an opinion or judge a catering establishment immediately upon arriving at the location. The sale must begin to be triggered even before the client has set foot inside. To obtain maximum results, the following points should be considered when designing the exterior of an operation;

  • Sign should be adequately attractive and illuminated. Tone and the character of the establishment should blend in the signage. Depending on the size and colour chosen price could be changed.
  • Attractive borders surrounding or accenting the property line may add a touch of charm, enhance signs and provide privacy. Stone or brick walls touched with ornate iron gates or fencing enhances the property.
  • Outdoor lighting such as decorative lamplights, lanterns, or torch lighting can be installed along the entire approach and around the building. Placement of the lightings could add charming, romance and excitement ambient to the environment.
  • Professional landscaping will achieve a tasteful layout with a balanced selection of gardens, lawns, plants, trees and flowers. A gardener may be required to maintain the grounds. Grown flowers could be used interior decoration.
  • Water display can add a pleasing effect to any scene when arranged properly. Spurting and flowing fountains, rushing waterfalls or multi-tiered cascades, winding and gurgling streams and reflecting ponds or pools are natural attractions during daylight and become transformed into a wonderful sight with the proper placement of light and colour at night.
  • Outdoor art displays positioned and lighted properly, such as statues, sculptures, designs, antiques etc. eill add formality, grandeur and charm to our grounds.
  • Outdoor settings and structures such as level or raised patios and terraces constructed of stone, bricks, or slate with umbrella tables and chairs are conducive to outside parties or functions on almost every days in Malaysia.
  • Canopies, overhangs, or awnings extending from the building offer the twofold advantages of protecting against inclement weather and giving a touch of formality to the operation.
  • Adequate parking facilities with wide and easy accessible entrances and exits are a selling factor and should be made available for the convenience of the guests. One parking space should be allocated for every two to four seats.
  • A garbage and refuse area should be completely screened, hidden from the guest eyes and public view and be protected against rodents, and vermin infestation.


Planning and designing the interior of the establishment, the following points should be considered and discussed with your professional consultant to achieve the maximum results;

  • Sufficient width and heights for the entrance to all rooms are necessary to assure smooth traffic flow for large functions and for delivery of large items. Ramp should be installed for ease of delivery and for the convenience of the handicaps.
  • An enclosed entrance area, preferably air-conditioned should be adequate in size to accommodate customers who are arriving or waiting to leave. This should be the doubled-door area used as a buffer zone between the outside entrance and the lobby to converse energy.
  • A main lobby or separate lobbies adequate in size to accommodate the total number of guests arriving for one function. Within or near to the lobby following facilities reachable;
    • Checkroom facilities should be large enough to accommodate one checking space for each attending guests.
    • Men’s and Ladies’ lounges should be adequate in size and number to accommodate large numbers of guests at one time and easily accessible from all areas.
    • The banquet or catering office is the sales centre of the catering operation where a prospective customer discusses all the details of a particular function with a salesman or the owner himself.
    • The business office handles the accounting; correspondence, filing etc. should be close by but separate from the banquet office.
    • Bridal or dressing room are needed for wedding receptions or for other functions where privacy is needed.
    • Public telephone should be installed in the lobby area for convenience and accessibility.
    • Cocktail area or private reception rooms adjoining and leading into each banquet or function room can be used for the sales of food and beverages especially liquors. Since the sale of liquor is profitable, these facilities should receive vital consideration.
    • Banquet and function rooms are the main rooms for catering operation.
    • Public address and sound systems are required for most functions and should be constantly checked for peak performance.
    • Lighting should be installed by a lighting technician to obtain maximum effect.
    • Electrical outlets and microphone jacks should be installed conveniently around all rooms.
    • An adequate size of dance floor is essential for each banquet room, since many customers attach a great deal of importance to this.
    • Sufficient air-conditioning is needed to keep the rooms comfortable under maximum occupancy.
    • Exhaust system should be installed to extract smoke and stale air and to re-circulate fresh air.
    • The décor of the catering operation should be handled by a designer or architect who has the training and experience.
    • Storage area should be constructed to house all the existing equipment of the establishment that may have to be removed from the function rooms, such as portable platforms, podiums, and lecterns.
    • The workshop or repair area should be equipped with the proper tools and equipment for a handyman to repair, maintain or construct the necessary equipment needed to continue operation.
    • Locker or employee areas, should be installed so that employees can change their cloths.
    • Linen room facilities should have sufficient shelving and space to store the various linens, skirting, uniforms, cleaning cloths and other laundry service.
    • The liquor room should have sufficient shelving and bins to store the maximum amount of liquors, wines, and beer and bar equipments.
    • Safety and fire protection devices must be available for all areas to comply with fire and building codes in your area.

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