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Off-premise catering refers to any functions that are serviced by a caterer outside of his establishment or commissary.

The food is partially or fully prepared at the caterer’s full-time location and then transported, finished if necessary, and served at the destination location. In additions to food and beverages, all the necessary equipment and labour must be transported.

A client’s off-premise request may range from the delivery of a simple platter to perhaps the execution of a full-scale function requiring a tent, dance floor, decorations, music and food and beverages served on silver service by a full staff.

Off-premise catering is a stepping stone to on-premise catering. Many successful on-premise caterers have histories of starting out as off-premise operation primarily due to the limited capital. Many started from their homes or commissaries, renting equipment as it was needed. It is very familiar isn’t it?

Some caterers to reduce their cash outlay, required large advance deposits from their clients. By arranging, preparing, and serving these functions by themselves or with a minimum of labour, they managed to keep expenses low.

Many of those caterers, like Malaysia Catering Services, through hard work and talent, managed to serve attractive food and beverages at reasonable prices and thus developed a solid business with repeat clientele.

As volume increased, additional personnel, most often part-time employees, were hired to work and supervise functions especially in instances when several affairs were being held simultaneously at various locations.

After accumulating sufficient capital, many started to buy or lease their own on-premise operations, often continuing with their off-premise catering.

There are some benefits of off-premise catering on the client’s point of view. This is a unique affair at the client’s home or location, with having more personnel.

On the other hand, it is more expensive then on-premise catering, due to transportation costs involved. If it is done in on-premise, utilization of built in features of the catering operation such as dance floor, dressing room for performers, air-conditioning, and fans i.e. will be no cost of the client. It also eliminates the wear and tear and possible damage to the client’s facilities.

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We ordered western menu and was little bit doubtful since we didn't try them before. Excellent foods. They are on time and always giving good quality foods. I recommend them for everyone. Try them and you won't regret as I did for the fist time. 

Ali Engin

Service was good and they arrived on time as they promised.  Waiters they provided was active and they didn't miss any request from our guest which made them happy. We would be very happy to have their service again in our next function. Highly recommended. 

Abdul Aziz

Very helpful and keep updated on the delivery progress frequently and very communicative. Foods that they provided was tasty, fresh and as if it was cooked in the home. They keep them hot during the whole function and none of our guest complaint. 

Nedim Alibi

Food delivery done as I wanted. We ordered Chinese food the explanations and cost were very satisfied. They deliver on time and all foods were fresh and as if cooked in home. Their quality is high standards if you compare with others. Highly recommended

Lai May Leng

At the beginning I didn't expect that quality service from this company. We ordered Indian food and it was very delicious foods for that price. They were prompt in their delivery.  I would like to give them as a rating for 5 stars among others. 


Very detailed quotation from the company, so you know what to expect from the customers on the event. Waiters provided are friendly and skilled.  Food was very delicious and loved by everyone attended. We will use them again. 

Jian Yong

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