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Catering types in the market depend on the variety of the location as well as the cuisine that caterer follows. The most important factor of choosing the catering company is where you want to do the function. If you are going to use your own premise or not force you to find the type of catering service that you need.

Caterer point of view doing the catering at the customer’s place is called off premise catering. If customers don’t want to use their own venue or any other location and would like to come to your venue, which is your restaurant this called on premise catering.

Everybody accepts that the best on premise location is the catering near to me. People most of the time first goes to the nearby catering choices. Cuisine is the second choice most of the time.  Depending on the cuisine they choose they look for whoever provide that cuisine as a caterer.

Different cuisines offer different catering types, special gadgets are required either they cook on the premise or heat up the pre-cooked food on the premise. For example, if customer asks for tosai, they need hot round plate with gas tank under it. This special Indian dish has to be cooked on the spot by the Indian catering company.

If customer wanted to eat traditional Chinese food, special big drum of boiling water is needed on the premise. Guest choices will force the selection of ingredients to be heated up in the boiling water, like noodle, vegetable, fish ball i.e.. This special dish should be heated up on the premise by the Chinese catering company.

On the other hand, depending on the occasion catering type would be different as well. For example if the catering done in the evening this could be dinner catering. If the event falls into any festival season, this could be named by the festival itself. For example if this catering is done during the Chinese New Year period, this is called CNY Catering.

There are also unique catering which is for special purposes like finger food catering, desert catering or sandwich catering i.e. Sometimes catering done attached with the event organized is also called by the name of the event. For example catering done during the seminar is called seminar catering, catering done during the conference is called conference catering.

Sometimes catering is done to supply drinks only. Those kinds of catering are also called by the name for the purpose. For example, only alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks supplied during the bar catering.

If the caterer is on the wheel and they provide mobile catering services to their customers. Most probably they are specialized on one type of food. For example Italian catering can be easily done by the mobile catering companies due to the pre-cooked and heat up pasta products which comes with special sauce on top of it.

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