How do you find the best catering menu in KL & Selangor for you?

How many times did you search for good catering menu for you?

How many times you had to order different catering companies for the all food items that you want to be completed?

Did you realize that when all orders arrived at a time, there was a chaos on respect of appearance and the taste due to the different catering order?

Solution to those problems is to find professional catering company who has wide range of menu items to whom could be happy to search different cuisine and food selections. Investigate throughout your friend’s network to find out where you can find that caliber of professional catering company. Do your web search as well to find the best for you.

Many years in the food industry, being aware of those kinds of problems, we decided to establish proper professional catering company which could serve all kinds of requirements under one structure. We finally obtain that property and decided to adapt motto of “our responsibility is your satisfaction of selection”.

Our last order of food from catering services was fantastic. All of our guests are satisfied and happy. Previously when we order full set of menu, we couldn’t find the right caterer to order. We had to choose different caterer’s menu items in order to complete what we wanted. That is why some of our functions a lot of food wasted and left over. I have gotten the referral from my old friend of mine and did my due diligent about Malaysia Catering Services Company and found out that they are professional and genuine in their promises. They have delivered whatever they committed timely and professional order. Frankly saying I wasn’t expected this from a caterer which we engaged. I strongly advise everyone who would like to order different kitchen cousins to try out Malaysia Catering Services Company.

Sue Yin Yong, aged 28

We, Malaysia Catering Services Company, adapted the motto of “our responsibility is your satisfaction of selection”, keep wide range of cuisine from the range of Italian, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Indian, Chinese and Malay as well as Western cuisines. When you ask for any other cuisine items we seriously consider to ad on. Now we are working on Turkish cuisine to ad on our menu list, since there is a demand.

No more checking all other caterers to find out what you need, we provide all in one umbrella to you. We are happy to deliver what you asked for the money could buy.

Our well established kitchen, chefs and their assistance will cook for your satisfaction and your happiness. Any dietary requirements are also entertained.

One of the leading catering company in Malaysia, we recommend hiring a professional catering company for your functions, even small size functions, even if you don’t choose our service.

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100% Money-back Guarantee

Enjoy a total peace of mind when you hire us. Because Malaysia Catering Service offers a “100% money-back guarantee” assurance when you engage our service – so there is ZERO risk on your part!

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Our service also includes a complimentary quotation with no obligation in order to offer better menu selection for you.


We ordered western menu and was little bit doubtful since we didn't try them before. Excellent foods. They are on time and always giving good quality foods. I recommend them for everyone. Try them and you won't regret as I did for the fist time. 

Ali Engin

Service was good and they arrived on time as they promised.  Waiters they provided was active and they didn't miss any request from our guest which made them happy. We would be very happy to have their service again in our next function. Highly recommended. 

Abdul Aziz

Very helpful and keep updated on the delivery progress frequently and very communicative. Foods that they provided was tasty, fresh and as if it was cooked in the home. They keep them hot during the whole function and none of our guest complaint. 

Nedim Alibi

Food delivery done as I wanted. We ordered Chinese food the explanations and cost were very satisfied. They deliver on time and all foods were fresh and as if cooked in home. Their quality is high standards if you compare with others. Highly recommended

Lai May Leng

At the beginning I didn't expect that quality service from this company. We ordered Indian food and it was very delicious foods for that price. They were prompt in their delivery.  I would like to give them as a rating for 5 stars among others. 


Very detailed quotation from the company, so you know what to expect from the customers on the event. Waiters provided are friendly and skilled.  Food was very delicious and loved by everyone attended. We will use them again. 

Jian Yong

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