Why do you think that we do Malaysia Catering business?

The answer could be within the service quality that we provide.

Have you ever wonder why it is a challenge to find good catering company in town? Even there are lots of catering companies around, why are you still struggling to choose the right one?

Do you also realize that each every catering company claims that they deliver but at the end foods could be cold, not tasty or too much oily and not liked by your guests and left over lot?

How many times did they come late to serve you telling the same old “sorry la there was a traffic jam” story?

How many times did you find out that something is not right in the hygiene perspective in the food preparations and serving?

Solution to those problems which makes you embarrassed against your guests even though you have paid the agreed on price is to find out professional catering company. Check with your friends who had good experienced of hiring catering company before. Get catering company’s contact number whenever you attend any function with good catering services.

Throughout the years of being in the food industry, we have encounter unprofessional catering companies who didn’t do well in their delivery process; we decided to establish proper catering company with providing other services like setting up table, chair, and cutlery.  It is our responsibility to satisfy our customers.

The recent House Warming party that we have in our premise was fantastic. All of our guests had wonderful time during the dinner served as well as the bar operated with the catering company. We used to hire different catering companies for our regular functions in our premise before. It was OK till to invite more friends for special occasions. It was so embarrassing to have guest but no good food at all. I was told to check it out in the market and find the good catering company for our regular invitations. I had a referral from one of my corporate friend and did some research on Malaysia Catering Service Company before I approach them. They are far  more exceeded my humble expectations but also went extra miles to invite us one of their functions that they serve, which is outside of their job scope. We observed their delivery of jobs, realized that how professional they were.

Since we attended that function as uninvited guest, we have less and less issues on serving our guests and for their satisfaction provided by Malaysia Catering Company. We are using them for all of our functions, they are reliable and on time and much more than with reasonable prices. I strongly encourage each every of my friend hire them for your own party without any hesitation.

Annabelle,  Yong Wo Ming, aged 40

We, Malaysia Catering Service Company, being one of the best catering companies in town, give priority of customer satisfaction 100 % in our service. When you highlight any of your concern we do our best to solve the issue on the spot.

No more cold dishes, oily foods, un-expected non-hygienic elements in the food. Your concern is our responsibility. We are happy to serve you the best food that money could buy.

Our experienced and specialized cooks can cook for your satisfaction. Any dietary requests will be entertain immediately for the sake of health issues of your guests.

One of the best catering company in town we recommend to use a professional catering company in your functions even if you choose not to engage our service.

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Enjoy a total peace of mind when you hire us. Because Malaysia Catering Service offers a "100% money-back guarantee" assurance when you engage our service - so there is ZERO risk on your part!

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Our service also includes a complimentary quotation with no obligation in order to offer better menu selection for you.


We ordered western menu and was little bit doubtful since we didn't try them before. Excellent foods. They are on time and always giving good quality foods. I recommend them for everyone. Try them and you won't regret as I did for the fist time. 

Ali Engin

Service was good and they arrived on time as they promised.  Waiters they provided was active and they didn't miss any request from our guest which made them happy. We would be very happy to have their service again in our next function. Highly recommended. 

Abdul Aziz

Very helpful and keep updated on the delivery progress frequently and very communicative. Foods that they provided was tasty, fresh and as if it was cooked in the home. They keep them hot during the whole function and none of our guest complaint. 

Nedim Alibi

Food delivery done as I wanted. We ordered Chinese food the explanations and cost were very satisfied. They deliver on time and all foods were fresh and as if cooked in home. Their quality is high standards if you compare with others. Highly recommended

Lai May Leng

At the beginning I didn't expect that quality service from this company. We ordered Indian food and it was very delicious foods for that price. They were prompt in their delivery.  I would like to give them as a rating for 5 stars among others. 


Very detailed quotation from the company, so you know what to expect from the customers on the event. Waiters provided are friendly and skilled.  Food was very delicious and loved by everyone attended. We will use them again. 

Jian Yong

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